Customer Testimonials

“I have been a customer at the Danville Pharmacy almost since the day the doors were opened. The professionalism of everyone on the staff is exemplary. They are knowledgeable, courteous, willing to go way beyond normal expectations and all the while with genuine sincerity. If you think the days of a hometown pharmacy and the personal touch that goes with that are gone, think again. There is nothing corporate about the pharmacy atmosphere or the service you can expect at this pharmacy. They will not disappoint!” Sherri P.

“We have always been very careful in recommending services over the years as we know if things do not work out that we feel partially responsible. What a privilege and joy it has been to recently recommend Kathy and her staff to a very special family who has significant and sometimes complicated prescriptions to fill. I recently spoke to that family and they gave abundant praise to every aspect of the services at Danville Pharmacy and told me they would never dream of going anywhere else and thanked me personally for the recommendation! Since they opened, Danville Pharmacy has been our “family pharmacy”, but now we can say our friends are saying the same thing!”Conaley V.

“Our family has had the opportunity to work with the Danville Pharmacy since its inception in Danville. We have found the entire staff, Kathy, Karen, and Ashley along with their John to be exceptional. The idea of a small town pharmacy allows for the uniqueness of relationships with customers that does not occur with the large chain type pharmacies. Kathy and the staff have developed an understanding of their customers needs and will do whatever it may require to meet those needs. We have the utmost respect for the excellent quality of service provided by the Danville Pharmacy.”
Pat & Gerry S.

“Each time I step into the Danville Pharmacy it feels like I take a step back in time. It reminds me of going into the local drug store in the town where I grew up. Kathy and her staff know your name and make you feel comfortable. You never feel like just a number as you often do in the big chain department store pharmacies. Kathy and her staff go out of their way to provide their customers with what they want in a pharmacy: prompt, friendly, accurate prescription service, great prices, free delivery. Everything that I want and need from a drug store is under one roof and not nestled in the midst of a massive department store…that is why I love Danville Pharmacy!”
Judy W.